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    Re: West Coast School of Law

    Posted by LegalEagle on 7/07/11

    To Cyndi:

    The best time to have enrolled in a DL law school was in the
    1990s when it was affordable. Plus you were not required to
    take the baby bar. Instead you sat the bar after graduating.

    It cost me $2000 per year x 3. Today you have to take an extra
    year (4 years total), adding more to the overall cost.

    Because so many educational instutions are struggling
    financially, I would be weary of enrolling in one, unless they
    stipulated in writing that they were financially solvent and
    had no plans on filing for bankruptcy relief. Even ABA law
    schools are struggling.

    A viable alternative is the LL.M program offered by the
    University of London. You don't need a degree to be accepted
    into the program. You can work your way through it in three
    stages: certificate, diploma and LL.M.

    An LL.M from UOL is going to get you a lot further than a JD
    from an unaccredited law school. International areas of law
    are going to be good bets in the years ahead. With everyone
    going broke on the homefront, lawsuits will lead nowhere and
    judgments will hard to collect on.

    If you absolutely have to go DL, then I would choose NWCU,
    since they have been around a long time and are affordable.

    Good luck.

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