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    Post: USD day or Loyola evening

    Posted by anonymous on 7/01/11

    I am torn between the University of San Diego School of Law
    full time program and the Loyola Law School part time
    evening program. I would definitely attend Loyola if I was
    admitted to the full-time day program, but I was only
    offered the evening. Both schools are ranked roughly equal
    and both are the same price. I have the option to transfer
    to the full time program at Loyola after the first year
    provided that I am in the top third of the evening

    I am afraid that even if I am able to transfer to the day
    division at Loyola after 1 year, I will still be 3 classes
    behind my daytime peers. I would have to scramble in the
    first summer to make the classes up while my peers are out
    gaining valuable internship experience. I feel I would be
    less competitive for second year summer internships (the
    ones that hire when you graduate).

    I want to work in LA but should I just say screw it, and go
    to USD?

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