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    Post: harassmesnt/civil rights

    Posted by Irma Lee Gonzales on 7/04/11

    How about this situation lawyers. I was sexually harassed,
    my civil rights abused, the union never looked into it and
    it lasted over eight years. They let the union and the
    company let those men and women get away with it (just like
    the movie "North Country"). I wonder if they would like
    Ford and GM and all the other auto industry hear my
    story...I have looked into them and my story is different.
    The hell no one else can see.....some people know what I
    mean. They went so far with me and I finally saw it...they
    did not expect that situation and it's all over the
    internet, trust me, they did not think I would find out.
    Everyone pay attention, act like a lawyer (since some of us
    cannot find one) you see the big PICTURE. And, they can't
    stop that.........or me, untill I am six fee under......get
    a hold of me......I am a true democrat.......

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