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    Re: harassmesnt/civil rights

    Posted by Irma Lee Gonzales on 7/04/11

    On 7/04/11, Irma Lee Gonzales wrote:
    > How about this situation lawyers. I was sexually
    > my civil rights abused, the union never looked into it and
    > it lasted over eight years. They let the union and the
    > company let those men and women get away with it (just
    > the movie "North Country"). I wonder if they would like
    > Ford and GM and all the other auto industry hear my
    > story...I have looked into them and my story is
    > The hell no one else can see.....some people know what I
    > mean. They went so far with me and I finally saw
    > did not expect that situation and it's all over the
    > internet, trust me, they did not think I would find out.
    > Everyone pay attention, act like a lawyer (since some of
    > cannot find one) you see the big PICTURE. And, they can't
    > stop that.........or me, untill I am six fee
    > a hold of me......I am a true democrat.......

    Happy Fourth of July!

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