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    Re: advice on law

    Posted by Frank on 2/11/13

    On 10/13/11, Marlee Hollomon wrote:
    > I am currently only in my sophomore year of college at
    > Valdosta State University, but I already have my sights on
    > Law School!
    > I am seeking help and advice on what to prepare for, what
    > do, expect, or anything to help me be more ready for
    > whenever i do decide to jump on this long road.
    > Please give me any ideas that will help my future. I am
    > currently majoring in Legal Assistance, but my dream is to
    > be a District Attorney.

    Start by checking out different law schools that you might
    want to consider. Get their catalogues (usually can do it
    on the internet and download catalogue). Check tuition,
    accreditation, fees, etc. Look at the curriculum, the core
    courses and electives. Determine if you want to specialize
    (only a few specialties: Tax, patents,a a couple others but
    also you can go through the normal curriculum and then
    select your electives based on what your interest is such as
    Constitutional law, tax law, property, etc. Go on line and
    there are plenty of books that will tell you how to prepare
    for law school, will give you practice LSAT exams, tell you
    what to expect, etc. No different than going for any other
    degree as far as finding out what to expect, just expect
    lots of reading and study. A lot of good long distance
    learning law schools also (computer) if you are working, and
    they are cheaper. Make sure the program is accredited.
    Some major law schools have programs where you can complete
    some classes on line but to be able to write for the bar,
    you will have to take a certain percentage of classes in a
    brick and mortar campus building. Good luck.

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