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    Posted by NWCU Student on 11/11/12

    Hello - As a current NWCU - I would like to deliver my

    I would have to agree that NWCU delivers some good value for
    your buck...HOWEVER, they also deliver a VERY Basic
    educational format...So if you are looking to get a JD to
    check it off your "bucket list" OR need a great deal of
    flexibility in your online education w/o mandatory HOMEWORK
    assignments then NWCU is for you.

    If you want the lates and greatest technology with more of
    a "hand-holding" education then I would say you need to PAY
    more and look towards OTHER online programs.

    The books for EVERY law school (and even those online non-
    accrediated ones) are pratically the SAME. What differs is
    the medium in which the material is DELIVERED to you.

    If you can handle doing an online educational school and can
    displine yourself to study the material on your own, than
    NWCU is a great opportunity...and I would highly SUGGEST
    that you use some of your savings and purchase a Baby Bar
    Review course... I did...and went with Flemings Fundamentals
    of Law... and it has extremely helped.

    Good Luck

    On 11/01/12, thegambler wrote:
    > Having attended Concord Law School I noted they were the
    > most expensive and did the poorest job of teaching legal
    > writing.This is the crux for passing the CBX. ALU is
    > intermediate in cost, has a good curriculum and good
    > instructors. Both schools have a Prof you should try to
    > avoid. NWCU delivers the most value for the buck. They also
    > try intensely to help you and deliver all the tools. IF you
    > apply yourself and learn all the material you will be able
    > to pass the CBX. Of the three NWCU is the best value, and
    > they stress writing. Concord rushes students into 2L
    > passing the FYSLE. Often they just lose their tuition
    > without getting a degree.

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