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    Re: legal malpractice

    Posted by Tchamek on 4/05/13

    On 3/22/13, danielle wrote:

    > My mother recently lost custody of my little sister because

    > her lawyer failed to notify her of a second court date, she

    > recieved no notification of the second courtdate whatsoever

    > and found out today March 22, that the child custody had

    > been finalized back in february because neither she nor her

    > lawyer showed up in court. she had paid her lawyer $1500

    > dollars in legal fees for his services. During the first

    > court date they postponed the hearing, she has been waiting

    > all this time to hear from her lawyer about the next court

    > date. come to find out it was finalized in february and she

    > had heard NOTHING from anyone. She wants to know if she can

    > sue her lawyer for malpractice. He is ignoring all of her

    > attempts to contact his still to this day.

    of course she can sue her lawyer. Under Model Rules of
    Professional Conduct 1.4(3), a lawyer shall "keep the client
    reasonably informed of the status of the matter"

    Lawyer failed to do this.

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