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    Re: Appellate Brief

    Posted by Dieter on 10/04/16

    On 5/20/16, Katie Hall wrote:
    > Iím looking for someone with legal expertise to look over
    > my self -represented Appellate brief in a family law
    > custody case in Maryland. It would be great for a law
    > student to get practice like Pro Bono work, but not sure
    > who is available. Iím not hiring representation or
    > representative counsel. This is just to look over and be
    > sure I am following procedure, and if possible, make sure I
    > am including all necessary facts from transcript. Probably
    > only a couple hours, and I will pay you per hour of work
    > $50.00

    How did that turn out? Were you able to attract lawyers or someone with
    legal expertise? I once had someone have me decipher a VIN 9110121904
    for an almost half century Porsche and then I realized this was an
    extremely wealthy woman. She made her on decisions.

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