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    Post: Insurance for Freelance Legal Professionals

    Posted by Frank Horvath on 2/20/18

    When you first leave law school, the majority of graduates
    will flock to entry-level jobs and put in the hard graft
    for a few years. However, a select few might head down the
    freelance route. Itís becoming an increasingly attractive
    offer, particularly if you can get in on the ground floor
    or an exciting new startup. There are so many steps you
    need to take before going freelance, including getting the
    right level of insurance. This is vital in the event you
    make a mistake and will allow you to act with confidence,
    knowing that any mistakes will be covered by insurance.

    However, itís important to understand that insurance can
    only cover genuine mistakes, not reckless behaviour. If a
    client sues because you acted in a way that is proven to be
    negligent, then youíll be on your own. So, whatís the bare
    minimum of coverage required?

    At the very least, you will need professional indemnity
    insurance to be able to practice. Most professional bodies
    will require it, so itís unlikely that youíll be able to
    get away with not taking out a PI insurance policy.

    Next up, you should consider personal accident and sickness
    insurance. Accidents and illness can strike at any time,
    and you donít want your earnings to suffer as a result. If
    you regularly travel for work, this is essential.

    If you have your own office space, then office contents
    insurance will protect your office not only from theft but
    from unavoidable disasters like fire and flood.

    And finally, if youíre going to take on any help, you
    should look into your options for employers insurance. If
    someone were to get injured while working for you, this
    could cost you financially without insurance.

    Insurance might seem like a boring thing to think about
    when youíre newly qualified, but it really is essential!
    Make sure you shop around and donít just look at the
    monthly premiums, make sure it includes everything you need
    to protect yourself and your career.

    Professional Indemnity Insurance

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