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    Post: fish & game

    Posted by n/a on 5/30/16

    how come the clerk of the county you reside in can forge
    anyone's name and get away with it like I got a ticket but
    never signed in the box Stating Promise to Appear, only
    signed where that I was the arresting officer. Now I was
    forced to to appear because if I didn't there would be a
    warrent for my Arrest any way I got screwd over but that
    not all the thicket was 4 fishing with 2 poles I was really
    only using one but had another with me so I had a fishing
    licence but needed a 2 pole stamp well I guess you can't
    have 2 poles only if you have a stamp.OK at my house I have
    2 more does that me I get ticket 4 haveing 4 poles anyway
    the game warden needs 2 be checked 2 me he's righting bogus
    tickets and could cause a lawsute its the common sense who
    ultimately will surfer.

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