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    Post: Prednisone caused diabetes

    Posted by Nicole Parker -Boyd on 7/09/16

    After being treated for an autoimmune disease with high
    doses of prednisone for an extended amount of time.I
    started being real tired and when I mentioned to my new
    doctor that I was taking 20mg of prednisone for a long time
    now he checked my A1C and it was 10+ and that I was a
    medicine induced diabetic,so I stopped taking them. I was
    NEVER informed about developing diabetes from taking
    prednisone.ONLY side effects I was told about was
    osteoporosis. Now I'm on 1,000mg of metformin 2 times a
    day. At one point I was on metformin & insulin, but thank
    God I no longer have to take the insulin. Unfortunately I
    have to live with this disease that I believe could have
    been prevented if I was made aware of the side effects
    before I was prescribed such high doses everyday for such a
    long period of time! Is there ANYTHING that can be done
    about this?

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