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    Post: toxic mold

    Posted by Tori Mcdivitt on 8/03/16

    I have given my landlord notice after notice about mold in
    my apartment. I had a water leak he didn't fix for over 4
    years until 8 weeks ago. He refuses to do anything about
    the mold. He fixed the leak and tiled the shower stating
    there wasn't any mold! I took pictures of the mold inside
    the walls when he went to lunch! I have been sick because
    of the mold. Now my son was just diagnosed with Graves
    Disease and I believe it's due to the mold. Since I gave
    the landlord a 5 day notice, he is now trying to give me a
    30 day notice to vacate. I have lived here 18 years. I
    finally filed a lawsuit against my landlord on Friday. I
    can't afford to pay an attorney up front. Is there a list
    of qualified attorneys that are willing to take my case and
    allow things to be settled after? There are several more
    issues involved. He is a slumlord and doesn't do much the
    right way. I need help but don't know how to get it without
    money. I am current on my rent.

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