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    Post: spousal support

    Posted by Emily Lou on 9/28/16

    I was the petitioner for my divorce, being as I made more
    income then my spouse I had to pay spousal and child
    support. Reason I left because my spouse cheated. That was
    years ago, now all our children have graduated and turned
    18. I have been paying spousal and child support since
    2003. During our marriage my spouse had 3 children out of
    wedlock, and I have been supporting one of them. The other
    2 were concieved during our separation. A few years back my
    spouse was given the Gavron Warning, and was requested by
    court order to take a vocational evaluation to see if the
    respondent could work. My ex-spouse never looked for work
    nor, went to school to learn skills. The last of our
    children was emancipated in August 2016. Since then I have
    refused to pay my spouse any spousal support. During that
    time my spouse has bought 3 homes and is a landlord. He
    doesn't need the money I send monthly for his support. I
    might add we are both in our mid 50's. Question, must I go
    before the court to request stopping the spousal support or
    can I just stop paying? The child support division in our
    area says they will not 'enforce' any more payments to my

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