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    Post: domestic disorderly

    Posted by Robert M Stewart on 10/05/16

    Hello my name is Rob, about 20 years ago I had been going th
    rough a divorce with my now ex-wife I was trying to fix our
    relationship so I stopped by trying to rekindle the marriage
    and while talking through the door she went to close the do
    or, I grabbed her arm. She called the cops and I ended up wi
    th a domestic disorderly conduct. Since that time I have not
    had any incidents with her. I went to court paid the fine,
    two years later tried to buy a gun and could not. My ex-wife
    wrote a letter saying I am not a threat and that I am a hun
    ter and sportsman. I have the letters she wrote and talk to
    her often. I want to have my right to get a conceal and carr
    y permit license and also have my rights restored for the se
    cond amendment. I hunt and I am an upstanding US citizen liv
    ing in Wisconsin. I am not a criminal and need to know what
    has to be done to have this restored. Any help is greatly ap
    preciated. Thank you. Rob

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