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    Post: Federal Probationary Quidelines

    Posted by Kevin Coleman on 1/05/17

    In 2012 I was sentenced to 60 months in a federal prison for
    Wire Fraud & Tax Evasion with the sentences to run
    concurrently - After completing RDAP I was released to 6 mon
    ths of TDAT at a halfway house & they transitioned me with i
    n 10 days to home confinement at my 85 year old mothers, who
    has been supporting since my release - on October 24th I
    was officially transferred onto Federal Probation & at that
    time my Probation officer communicated to me that I would ha
    ve to serve 60 days in my local region before being able to
    furlough anyway in the United State's -- I reason the furlo
    ughs are of great importance is on that my 29 year old
    diabetic daughter is living in Arizona & it looks as though
    she may not live - I have been requesting to be transferred
    to that district for over 8 months & or a visit & was told I
    must wait until my 60 days of restricted movement is up in
    order to visit her or be transferred -- Now that that
    timeline has been met my Probation officer is stating that I
    must pay $1000.00 in restitution before I can visit her - i
    t is equally important to understand that I was severely
    beaten up & now have numerous medical problems which keep me
    from being able to work that include both knees being rated
    as severely handicapped, both shoulders being rated as
    severely handicapped & both wrist & hands being rated as
    severely handicapped -- all of these injuries were from the
    beaten I took while in Federal custody which today they are
    trying their best to ignore, my doctors state that I will ne
    ver be able to work again so I will never be in a position
    to pay any restitution now or in the future -- I am awaiting
    hearing to be moved onto Disability for the remainder of my
    life ....

    Please help I truly want to see my daughter before its to
    late ....


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