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    Post: Former county Deputy now a JP/ conspiracy acts against me.

    Posted by Perplexed former land lord on 4/04/17

    A former Deputy in Hardin County, TX conspired with former t
    enants/Buyer that entered in Contract for Deed which resulte
    d them vacating my Premises thus leaving 28K worth of damage
    s. the Deputy also was running for County JP and had his pol
    itical sign on my land. I called him to have him remove the
    sign and he denied placing it there and he was a former wate
    r utility board member. Deputy attended same church as the T
    enant according to her admission they were friends.I've had
    run-ins with same Deputy in the past regarding my dealings w
    ith some bad tenants. Some tenants have reported me to the D
    eputy in the past and indicated I was being watched.
    I did attempt to file to IAD Hardin County, TX for the Deput
    y verbal threats to me, and to no avail, the Captain informe
    d me the Deputy was resigning soon anyway.
    I believe the former Deputy gave advice to the former Tenant
    s to create harm to me and leave my premises in diminished v
    alue. Former Deputy mostly devoted his time to the
    previous JP and quite familiar with Landlord-Tenant laws.

    The Deputy and Tenant problems culminated in 1/2015

    What is my recourse if I can get the JP to admit his misdeed
    s while he was Deputy? I have an open invitation to speak wi
    th him in his chambers.

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  • Former county Deputy now a JP/ conspiracy acts against me., 4/04/17, by Perplexed former land lord.

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