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    Post: Dual American and Italian Citizen Living In The UK

    Posted by Chris Harper on 4/18/17

    Does anyone know what the situation is in the UK at the
    moment? I currently live in the UK as an EU citizen as I
    hold dual citizenship between the USA and Italy. My
    European friends are either doing nothing about the Brexit
    situation, or they are frantically applying for EEA PR. Is
    this worth it? Or is it more likely that the UK will
    develop a new understanding with the US that will mean I
    can stay here as an American citizen instead? I donít want
    to do the wrong thing and then be left either living in the
    US or Italy as my home is in England. The most informative
    site I could find about EEA PR is below, it seems like
    straight forward process. But the UK government is saying
    that I donít need to do anything. ARGH!

    EEA PR

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