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    Post: Parole misconduct

    Posted by george brumley on 8/07/17

    Parole officer moved my score from like a 10 to a fifty for
    a test of sorts with questions like how many displenaries i
    ever had in prison , how many times have i been to jail
    before age of 18 and alot of other questions she told me
    before hand she knew anserws for if i said i wasnt sure she
    said that bumbed my score through the roof it take 60
    points to go back to prison nkw she made my score 50 or 55
    is that test legal i neen on parole 3 years no othertime
    has any other parole officer did this now she put me on
    every week with all kinds of meetings on max supervision
    ready to violate me i feel hopeless

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