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    Post: wrongful termination and age discremination

    Posted by Alice Gonzalez on 10/02/18

    I was a Dillards employee for 4 years and 5months. They
    started me as a part-time and quickly advanced me to
    full-time. I enjoyed all my customers and they quickly
    became loyal. I was offered Business Management and
    accepted the position. Two years later and with no help
    from management or getting workers that would stay I got
    exhausted and requested to be demoted to associate. I
    realized that they were started to treat me different.
    Manager Joanna Johnson would nearly walk over me and would
    not even speak to me. Thank last year they hired an
    assistant manager Amy Hernandez. She couldn't even stand
    me. I could feel her staring and making sour faces each
    time I passed by her. I would drive to work and when I
    would see her car I would get knots in my stomach knowing
    my day would be horrible. She wrote me emails addressing my
    work time if I went over, however associates Carmen Mohan
    and Nina Turtly were coming in 1 hour early everyday and
    never were addressed. My sales were fantastic and I
    received pay raise on Sept 2018. She called me in to sign
    off. I was happy, however she made it sound like I didn't
    deserve it. I told her my new mission was to make
    pacesetter for the company. She quickly snapped at me and
    told me to not get carried away. The next time it was a
    complain from another associate that claimed I took her
    sale. I told her I did not take her sale. She quickly took
    the other associates side. The company started hiring only
    young associates and finding anything to address with the
    older associates. We walked on glass around Amy Hernandez
    because she would call us into the office constantly for
    any small thing. Morning meeting they were spraying perfume
    on associates. I requested they not spray me as I only use
    mild one and suffer bad allergies. This ended up on a visit
    to her office. My manager Angela Wallwork never stood up
    for us on for the young girls that spent all the day on the
    phones texting. She was to make a weekly breakdown of which
    register she assigned to us, that was a miss and hit. If
    the associates that worked on back were off, I would fill
    in for them. On 9/9/18 d a part time associate Keila went
    to complain with Amy about me being on back registers. Greg
    Mallory called and informed me to let Keila be on back. I
    finished with the customers I had in the dressing room and
    informed Keila she could go to the back. She snapped and
    told me not to tell her what to do. I ignored and begin to
    talk with a customer and heard my name called by Amy and I
    walked back to her office at 5:00 pm. Gregory Mallory and
    Amy were present and she told me there was zero tolerance
    for disrespect. She informed me that Carmen Mohan said I
    had made keila take the front register. I told her that
    Keila had put the clothes I had for a customer away and she
    said its my word against hers. I told her I could bring my
    customer in to confirmed. She said I was not to call my
    customer at all. She also continued to tell me no one that
    worked with me liked me and constantly complained about me.
    I informed her I talk to all of them and had no problems
    with them. On 9/1/2018 the managers were on the floor when
    I came into work. I was closing that night and they had a
    complain from a customer that 2 associates were arguing on
    the floor. Amy quickly assumed it was me and went
    throughout the floor asking all associates if they knew or
    heard anything. Than on 9/29/18 Amy Hernandez called me in
    again to inform me on a misdirected call that was for
    Carmen Mohan. I informed the person on the call that carmen
    was on the other end of store and provided her with ext. We
    have outdate phones that have no mute button or able to
    transfer. The person on phone informed that I was rude and
    hung up on her. I had 4 persons in the dressing room and 3
    cashing out. They can confirmed I was never rude. Amy
    Hernandez said she had to take the person on the lines side
    and terminate me. I was asked to sign paper and informed
    her I would not do so because it was not true. They refused
    to provide me with a letter or termination as well as
    copies of all documents.

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