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    Re: son age 33 has avascular necrosis from prednisone

    Posted by Jason Chelf on 6/23/12

    Hey brother I hope you are still out there I know your last
    post was in 2010, but if you haven't gotten anything
    resoloved, I might have the answer. I am 36, because of the
    great predinisone I've had to have my left hip replaced
    because of Avn and my right hip has to be replaced in August.
    Don't give up I have the best Malpractice Lawyers in my state
    on this case.

    10/15/10, Shay wrote:
    > On 10/12/10, Pat Shellabarger wrote:
    >> Please let me know if there is a class action lawsuit
    >> against predisone. My son has bone pain after taking
    >> prednisone. Nees hips and knee replacements.
    > I hope you find out whatever you can, because I also have
    > developed AVS after being misdiagnosed with Lupus. I am 35
    > years old and I very developed severe depression. I have just
    > had one hip replaced and am in dire need of having the left
    > hip replaced. I can barely walk, stand, and even sit. I am in
    > pain continually. I have contacted several attorneys and yet
    > to get a return call. I have no idea what to do. I have had
    > file for retirement disability and SSI. I am praying to be
    > approved because I have had no income for 7 months. I was on
    > prednisone for 2years. I have gained about 30 lbs and I have
    > no LIFE. I pray that the second surgery and a GREAT
    > malpractice lawsuit will begin to give me back some of my
    > life. I hate PREDNISONE and my pain never actually went away,
    > hope the other bones and joints will be okay.

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