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    Post: dental malpractice hidden by misdiagnosis

    Posted by Dawn on 10/15/10

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? texas

    In 2001, when I was only 14, I had my wisdom teeth taken
    out. A few days later, I started getting dizzy and
    uncoordinated, so I saw a doctor. No one believed anything
    was wrong with me until I got a lazy eye. Then my dr
    ordered at CT scan. That came back normal so a got an MRI
    and a referral to a pediatric neurologist. He then ordered
    a spinal tap. Spinal tap and MRI were abnormal. The dr
    diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis. He stated that he
    didn't know much about it, but that's what he thought it
    was. He then referred me to an MS specialist, who blew me
    off because I was only 14 and he normally dealt with
    adults. I underwent two rounds of steroids, which did not
    help and I had horrible side effects. I saw several
    neurologists who wouldn't look past my diagnosis. My health
    was deteriorating. Within two years, I couldn't walk or
    talk. Throughout the next few years, I underwent many
    treatments for MS: IVIG, plasmapheresis, chemo, MS shots.
    Nothing helped, and most treatments made me worse. Before
    my 18th birthday, I was told to prepare myself for the
    worst. In 2005, I saw a doctor of osteopathy that listened
    to my history and sent me to a special dentist. He did
    xrays, which revealed osteonecrosis in my jaws created by
    the tooth extractions in 2001. The dentist did not clean
    out the holes after the surgery, which blocked the blood
    flow and the bone died. Infection bred in my jaws and
    spread to my brain. The infection wasn't detected because
    of the blood brain barrier. I went from an athletic 14 year
    old to on my deathbed completely unable to take of myself
    in three years.

    Once I got the correct diagnosis, I had surgery to clean
    out my jaws. I then started to recover slowly and with a
    lot of physical/speech therapy. I am still recovering and
    in speech/physical therapy.

    I am in a lot of debt because of what happened to me. I am
    now 24 with a year old baby. I want people to know that
    this can happen to people. Dentists and doctors don't know.
    And I don't think I should be in debt because of these
    doctor's mistakes.

    Is there anything I can do? I need advice.

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