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    Post: my tooth broke while on dental treatment

    Posted by Maraki on 11/22/10

    For the past 13 months I was on a lengthy schedule at a
    University Dental Clinic for root canal treatment. My root
    canal was successfully performed by a student dentist with
    a close observation of different registered dentists. Later
    on, I was told to continue a crown restoration in order to
    save the tooth permanently. I, of course, gladly complied
    and began the treatment 2 months ago.
    During the crown restorative procedure, however, the
    student was not fully accompanied by a dentist and he broke
    the major part of the anatomical structure and the
    permanent build up of my bicuspid on which the crown
    restoration would be built. As the result, neither of the
    anatomic structure nor the permanent builds up left to put
    on the final crown. According to my research, the only
    option left looks pulling out the tooth. I wish if there
    would be another option to save such cosmetic teeth.
    For now, they have loosely attached and covered the broken
    tooth with a temporary plastic material. The dentist also
    warned me not to chew on the left side of my mouth where
    the material is attached to the broken tooth until the next
    appointment. Unfortunately, the next appointment is based
    on space availability and is not yet been specified. I, of
    course, attempted to know my next treatment plan and how to
    solve the problem? But, I was not given the chance to speak
    to any dentist except the student dentist who was confused
    and unable to explain what the following treatment plan and
    exact date will be. I also wonder how long I will able to
    limit myself from using both side of my tooth to chew.
    Moreover, I am also worried of an infection due to poor
    hygiene and inaccessibility to the structure under the
    temporary covering material to clean.
    Coming to my final point, following are my questions: 1)
    What is the best way to handle the issue 2) Do you think
    the case will qualify for medical malpractice? 3) How can I
    deal with the clinic if they tried to convince me in
    pooling out the tooth? (Please keep in mind that I already
    have paid for both the root canal treatment and crown
    restoration in advance). 4) The case happened out of my
    state of residency, Can I still file a claim in my own
    Thank you a lot,


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