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    Post: Former Naval Auditor

    Posted by Doctors Should Be Paying $1 Million Per Year For Insurance on 11/29/10

    The ratio of Malpractice to income is phenominal.

    The average U.S. Doctor of any kind is earning per year

    $1.25 Million after taxes from saleries.
    $250 Thousand from the Obama Gay Pride Checks.
    Over $300 Thousand from various non-taxed dividend

    It is documented that 60% are working while intoxicated
    with illegal drugs and 20% are working while hiding they
    are HIV positive. The HIV positive ones are constantly
    claiming they do referring to specialists while collecting
    $1200 per hour for not even doing diagnostics.

    This is the area where Insurance companies and lawyers
    should be cleaning up on instead of getting crumbs from
    Commercial Healthcare Managers.

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