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    Post: Attention Non-Dairy Creamer Users

    Posted by Steve Blonske on 12/26/10

    Are you a Non-dairy creamer user because
    your doctor told you that a natural body function
    is "Lactose Intolerence".

    According to the BuMed, Dept. of The Navy: Claims at
    patients being "Lactose Intolerant" are fraud. Lactose and
    Lactate are the primary transporters of energy to any
    animal or human body.

    Civilian Doctors are pushing for Non-Dairy creamer usage
    because there in a substance called "Aluminum Silicate"
    which is used to make false claims of everything from
    Chrone's Desease to every form of Cancer known.

    This substance gathers in ALL of the primary organs and
    shows up in X-Rays and CT Scans very clearly.

    Hence the doctors are hosing and mutilating people for
    their own profit.

    Aluminum Silicate itself deemed to be benign itself even
    though Aluminum can break down inside the body into
    particles the react similar to Beta Radiation contaminated
    particles. Beta Radiation is a known high speed cancer
    causing agent.

    Dump the Non-Dairy creamers and burn those who commit
    the malpractitionors.

    Steve Blonske
    GySgt USMC Retired

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