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    Re: Dead Military Retirees Found In Base Sewers

    Posted by What? on 4/25/11

    When did this happen and what are the deatails? How do you
    know and is this just hear say? Something needs to be done!

    > On 1/15/11, Herbert Fritz Schwartz wrote:
    >> Military Retirees who blow the whistle on Civilian Doctors
    >> are turning up in sewers of bases in the south where there
    > is a
    >> heavy alligator population or where the chinese version
    >> of pirhannas have been infesting.
    >> The military retirees are being retaliated against by the
    >> civilians
    >> for whistle blowing on civilian doctors who committed
    > culpable
    >> malpractice.
    >> In the past 20 cases DNA identified the bodies but civilian
    >> doctors have claimed the victim had already died and been
    >> cremated.
    >> Duck and Cover If you complain about civilian doped up
    >> doctors.
    > I believe you herbert, it's good to hear that someone will
    > still defend the people who have died. They have protected
    > these perverts too long. I hope this will all come out in
    > the open very soon and start protecting us for telling on
    > these people who have done these ugly things to us. And
    > that would be the AMERICAN WAY!

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