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    Post: Malpractive/Kidney Stones

    Posted by casie on 6/29/11

    I had kidney stones Dec. 24th, went to a local ER, which
    then I was told "We're not giving you drugs, you're not
    getting pain killers"..I was treated as if I were there for
    dope. I was sent home the 1st time, went back and the 2nd
    time was told the same thing. Among the screaming and crying
    and begging for a frying pan against the head, stating "A
    frying pan against the head isn't a drug please make the
    pain stop please please please!!!" one of the Nurses smacked
    me on the arm, pinching my arm at the same time telling me
    my "stone" was only 2mm and it was NOT that painful. They
    kept me longer, but sent me home with pain pills finally at
    5 am Christmas morning telling me to wait it out. After 2
    more days of vomiting green, extremely HOT thick liquid, I
    went to another hospital, which in turn found out my stones
    were impacted and and I had to have surgery on the 28th to
    remove them. Them, as in 2 stones. A 6mm one and a 2mm one.
    I had not peed in 4 days. I was finally sent home on the
    evening of the 28th after had been treated properly by
    another hospital. I have emailed and told the first hospital
    to NOT bill me or contact me on this matter and I have made
    complaints. They have still sent me bills, and I do NOT want
    them touching my credit. I refuse to pay for getting
    smacked, treated like a druggy, and told to shut up. What
    are my rights? What can I do?

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