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    Post: Surgical Instrument in My Body for 35+ years. Do I have a ca

    Posted by Roy leMeur on 7/02/11

    Hi Folks

    I have never attempted to pursue this. After thirty five
    years this is the first time I am making this known.

    A brief description of the situation as I know it...

    In the second grade I was kidney punched by a classmate.
    According to doctors years later, this led to malfunction in
    my left kidney making it unable to drain.

    When I was 17 years old,1975, I had pain in my left kidney
    area and pissed blood.

    After painful probes by local doctors I was referred to a
    world-renowned medical facility in Southern California where
    a world-renowned Chief of Urology did a seven hour surgery
    in an attempt to repair the damage from a kidney that would
    not drain with multiple kidney stones.

    I was left with a large scar and a drain tube.

    Weeks later, I recall being looked at by a couple of young
    doctors as a follow-up at that same world-renowned medical
    facility. While sitting across from them on a bed, I recall
    them being wide-eyed and jaw-dropping as they looked at my

    I asked to look at the xrays and they immediately removed
    the xrays from the viewer and they told me everything was OK.

    I suspected there was a problem at that point.

    I was never as limber and as active after that time.
    Defecating is always an issue. I was never offered any
    physical therapy or recovery of any kind after my surgery.

    Fast forward to 1996, after a night of drinking with some
    friends, I coughed while have a relaxed abdomen and the next
    morning had a sizable bubble in my skin immediately adjacent
    to my anus [right side]. I never sought medical attention
    for this and within a relatively short period of time it
    healed itself.

    Summer 2010, July, I was sitting on the toilet, again, with
    a relaxed abdomen, and coughed.

    Immediately adjacent to my anus, on the right side, a
    painful bubble stuck out of my skin. It was hard inside and
    made me curious as to what it could be.

    I inserted a finger in my anus in an attempt to figure it
    out and was amazed that I could feel, very clearly, what
    seemed to be the business end of a metal surgical clamp
    right next to my colon. There is _no doubt_ that this it
    what it was. The human body does not host hard and fast
    metal objects inside it.

    I am now 53 years old. I want this thing out of my body. I
    would settle for a few hundred grand and the removal of this

    Do I have a case? Xrays will prove it. World-renowned
    medical facility and world-renowned chief of urology at that
    facility should make it a no-brainer.

    roylemeur _at_ hotmail _dot_ com

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