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    Post: The Doctor's Responsibility ??

    Posted by Rebekah Fortson on 12/08/11

    If a doctor prescribes a medication in a much stronger dose
    for a much longer period of time, than what is recommended
    for safe use, then shouldn't that doctor be accountable to
    his patient ?? A patient tends to see thier doctor as
    trustworthy, and as a general rule, puts complete faith in
    them. Doctors take an oath to provide good care for the
    health of thier patients, and therefore should be bond by
    that oath and responsibility.My mother was prescribed 20
    mg. of predisone, for approx. 3 years ! We understand now
    that was a very strong dose and it should have never been
    given to her for that long. Now her bones and disc in her
    joints, spine and now her neck are literally dissolving
    away. She cannot even hold her head up, her neck cannot any
    longer support it. She is in chronic pain constantly, and
    it has destroyed her life, and affected all of us who love
    her. I am the only one to try to help her, yet so limited
    due to my own diagnosis of R/A. Is there anything or anyone
    that can help ? She needs care, so please any suggestions
    would help ! Thank you, Rebekah

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