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    Post: St Jude SCS

    Posted by Steve Miller on 1/04/12

    Had spinal cord stimulator installed in my neck. Leed moved
    because Surgeon did not tie it down on top. Next surgery,
    worked for about two weeks then quit working. Leeds damaged
    and or defective. Would not program or anything. Dr. Wanted
    to go back in and replace with new. Did not let happen, Got
    second opinion with a supposed great Surgeon and he said
    there was no reason it should have never been installed in
    the neck in the first place. I had it removed as I am so
    tired of the pain, done getting cut up and tired of false
    hopes. I live in AZ and am looking for a excellent
    lawyer/lawyers. Has any one had this procedure in the neck
    with or without complications? Thank you for your time.

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