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    Post: Psychiatric abuse

    Posted by Joshua Hinesley on 2/16/12

    I feel like I have been taken advantage of by the entier
    psychiatric community. I was sent to Carolinas Hospital by
    my doctor at the time, a man who never talks to me about my
    problems, only prescribes me dangerous medications. I have
    much mental trauma and questions about God, my soul, and
    the spirit world that are never discussed. Once at the
    hospital, I was never examined by any doctors when law says
    that two doctors must examine you to be committed. The
    doctor merely told me his paperwork was already done for
    him so he had me committed to the mental hospital. All this
    time, I was merely having a spiritual crises but they
    called it psychosis. While committed, I tried to talk to my
    doctor about my spirituality asking about the spirit world
    once out loud. I was consequently diagnosed
    schizoaffective. I protested daily about the medications,
    saying that I preferred natural treatment like
    psychotherapy, meditation, prayer, and natural supplements
    like fish oil, that taking the medicines offended me
    religiously. I was threatened with electroshock therapy as
    a result. Finally I was put through some kind of trial but
    the attorney assigned me did not even try to defend me and
    I was not allowed to speak at all. I was court ordered to
    recieve outpatient therapy where I am now being force
    drugged both orally and with injections. My health and
    appreciation of life are fleeing me and I am at my wits
    end. I feel like I am being persecuted for my spirituality
    and for being bipolar. I honestly just want to get off the
    medicines, get a job, get back on my feet and be a normal
    member of society but the medicines render me disabled, too
    stupefied to do anything. I am desperate for some kind of
    legal advice or assistance but so far have found none. I
    want to overcome this and be a psychiatry survivor.

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