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    Post: bucket handle meniscus tear- 90% removed

    Posted by Lynch on 2/18/12

    I'm a 35yr old male due to fall at work was sent to a ortho
    surgeon who for 2months couldnt find anything even tho mri
    stated meniscus tear. In sept he went in for exploratory
    surgery if he was to find anything he would repair it. I
    was told after surgery that it was the biggest tear he seen
    & he had removed it. . Walked out of hospital. Had another
    mri stated lrg effusion & loose meniscus particles, now
    fortunately for me workmans comp let me get a secound
    opinion. This dr stated to me & i have a copy of his report
    that 90% of the meniscus was removed from from my knee so
    now bone on bone-would need a knee replacement within 10
    yrs while being in pain which will increase to unbearable.
    Informed me that the tear should have been repaired & that
    i need to contact workmans comp and have them pay to
    retrain me because i will not be able to be able to return
    to work as a mason, which i have done for the last 14yrs.

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