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    Post: Dr. knowingly got me addicted to pain killers

    Posted by Amy Brown on 2/23/12

    The Dr. I once saw who was busy getting his sexual
    harassment case underway with another patient got me
    addicted to painkillers. Him and another Dr. worked together
    and this has been going on since 2006. Another Dr. that
    helped prescribe took over after the first was fired for
    sexual harassment. Between time (after the first was fired
    and the second took over for him). I contracted hep c
    because the first one cut me off Norco cold turkey. I was
    forced to get heroine because of withdraw symptoms. The
    second Dr. just up and left me in Dec. They both knew I was
    of high risk because of my depression and addictive past but
    didn't think twice. The second Dr. was prescribing me
    methadone (for three years) I am sure he was not even
    licensed to do it. He put it as back injury that I don't
    even have all the while knowing he was treating me for
    dependence and withdraw. The matter is clearly for
    specialists and is far from a regular physicians scope of
    practice. Now no one from the clinic will help and I am
    going through withdraw form the methadone. Please help if
    you can my number is 217-361-1194

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