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    Post: Do I have a case of malpractice?

    Posted by Bryan Perret on 5/21/12

    My grandfather was prescribed pradaxa because of his heart
    complications and a couple of months after taking it he
    started having some complications. He is having some severe
    headaches, and dizziness and sometimes nose bleeding. The
    doctor who administered him pradaxa claims it's because my
    grandfather failed to tell him about his ulcer, but I
    believe, as his doctor, he should have been aware of this .

    I've done some research on the internet and found that a lot
    of old people suffered from side-effects related to pradaxa
    intake and that you can seek legal compensation.


    My question is, in my situation, does my grandfather has a
    case, and if yes against who should he go, the doctor who
    administered him pradaxa?

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