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    Post: Medical (dental) malpractice in resetting of broken teeth?

    Posted by Ry Palmere on 9/14/14

    I was injured in a fall on Sunday Sep 07, 2014 and taken to
    LA County Hospital ER/ICU. My three front teeth (#s 6, 7, &
    8) consisting of two front teeth and tooth to right of
    front tooth were damaged. Front two (#6 &7) were knocked
    back and up into the upper part of my mouth. The other (#8)
    was only knocked back.

    At first, the Oro-Maxio-Facial Intern (NOT doctor) assessed
    that all three would have to be extracted. Before doing so,
    he suggested he try to reset the teeth. He shot me up with
    local Novocaine and did so, resulting in my left front
    tooth (#7) protruding too far down from the gumline and too
    far out, making it impossible for me to speak as i normally

    Returning for a follow-up, the intern's supervisor stated
    that the tooth which had been improperly reset would not be
    able to be corrected. At best, should the tooth remain,
    they would have to put a crown on it and shape it to
    resemble the original shape and placement of the tooth
    prior to being injured and reset.

    My question is twofold: how can this tooth not be reset
    (certainly a question for a dental surgeon), and if it
    can't how is it not the fault of the intern who incorrectly
    reset the tooth? Why should I have to pay for his

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I greatly appreciate


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