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    Post: Mom almost died

    Posted by Amy on 5/23/15

    My Mom had surgery on 4/30. She had a hysterectomy, bladder
    tact, and rectasil. Her ovaries and appendix were taken out
    as well, but there was no consent to this. Her surgery was
    only supposed to be 3 hours and it ended up being over 5.
    She was very pale when she was brought into her room. She
    was started on antibiotics right after surgery.the next day
    she had to have a bag of blood. Her blood pressure dropped
    to 50/80 and she was taken to CCU.She was given fluids and
    antibiotics. She also had pneumonia. She was given lasix
    for the pnuemonia along with steroids. She started having
    problems with edema. None of the doctors would tell me or
    my siblings what was going on. They would not tell my Mom
    either. She also had a sub pubic catheter which kept
    leaking. She went home ten days later. The next day the
    incision where the catheter was began oozing blood and pus.
    I called her doctor and he said this was normal. I took her
    to another hospital and they did a ct scan of her stomach
    and it showed an abscess. Urine was leaking into her
    stomach and it caused the abscess. She had to have
    emergency surgery to drain the abscess. We also found out
    she had staph. She had to go on isolation and be given
    antibiotics she also had to have a wound vac for her
    stomach. The hospital where she had her surgery knew she
    had staph and did not tell any of us about it. Two of the
    nurses in CCU told us she had sepsis. THis was at the other
    hospital. she had to stay almost three weeks between both
    hospitals. She is having to have home health care to
    chamchange the dressings in her stomach and replace parts
    for the wound vac. She also has to have physical therapy.
    What I want to know is if there is something that can be
    done about what happened to her? Thanks.

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