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    Post: Hospital misdiagnosis

    Posted by MKM on 11/13/15

    During the month of October, I was experiencing
    excrutiating stomach pains. I went to my doctors office and
    all they did was take blood work and told me to take
    pepto-bismol. They also never followed up with me on when I
    was to take a CAT Scan. Later that night I went to a
    different hospital, they took my blood pressure,
    temperature, 2 urine sample and diagnosed me as being
    inflicted with UTI and gave me medication for that, in
    which they should would alleviate my systems. So for two
    days, I am taking the medication and still not feel well.
    By Saturday that same week, I could barely move, feeling
    faintish, vomiting and out of breath. Then my family took
    me to a better hospital, which actually listened to me,
    took a CAT SCAN and saw that not only did I have
    appendicitis, but also my kidneys were on the verge of
    shutting down. I spent two weeks in the hospital in which
    one of the days was my birthday. Also, I still have to have
    surgery to remove my appendix because, I had to much
    inflammation and absess in my stomach. My job even let me
    go without any notification. I have spoken to a few lawyers
    who agree that I do have a case. By reading this, if you
    agree; what would be an appropriate settlement offer?

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