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    Post: Father died 2 wks after Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery!

    Posted by Amy on 10/02/08

    This is just a brief summary of what happened... My father
    had Laparoscopic surgery on 9/02 and passed away 9/17 of
    this year, he was only 56 years old. He was told he would
    be home that evening. After surgery the surgeon commented
    that he had really earned his money today, that it had
    been very hard and difficult to remove but he had gotten
    it out. He said they had placed a drain in his side
    because he had some left over bile and we were told that
    he would be kept overnight just as a precaution. Then the
    next day he was moved to CCU, they said just for
    observation puposes and that they may have to go back in
    on Friday (9/05) and see if their was a leak somewhere
    because he was draining way more bile than they
    anticipated. But as Friday approached they decided to wait
    until Monday, meanwhile my father is still draining large
    ammounts of bile and is not able to eat or drink anything
    oraly or by tube or IV. So Monday (9/08) they take him
    down to endo. to perform the procedure. But they had to
    stop midway through because they claim he was having
    trouble breathing due to his sleep apnea, to which was
    already known to doctors. So they rescheduled for Weds.
    (9/10), my father still is not able to drink or eat
    anything and still draining alot of bile. At this point he
    has started hallucinating and having very paranoid
    thoughts and ideas. We thought it was the pain medicine,
    which could be but I have since read of a similar case
    where patient began to have same effects ...(see link.
    Wednesday procedure was finaly done and we were told it
    was a success and leak was found and repaired, that he
    would stop draining bile. But he did not... and we were
    continually told he was doing better and he was moved to a
    progressive ward and finally allowed to try to eat...
    which made him vomit up blood. His White blood cell count
    was high. They said he may need a blood transfusion. He
    continued to drain large ammounts of bile and have trouble
    eating and wbc continued to rise. He finally had a bowel
    movement on 9/16, which looked like bile. He had a blood
    transfusion on 9/17 at about noon and was scheduled for
    another later that day. He was sent back to his room were
    at about 3:00 they said he was in respirtory distress and
    he was transfered back to CCU, he coded a few minutes
    after arriving their. And they could not bring him back.
    They said his heart was beating fine but there was no
    blood to pump. That he had a blood leak somewhere
    internally and were not sure where. We have had an autopsy
    performed and recieved preliminary results stating the
    main cause to be A G.I bleed and Diverticulitis and
    pancreatis as secondary contributing factors. I believe
    the surgeon has made a terrible mistake when performing
    original Surgery and cut or injured my father causing the
    bile leak which in turn poisoned my fathers organs. Is
    this a Wrongful death or Malpractice issue?

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