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    Re: Let's help each other out with SEO

    Posted by Carl on 2/04/15

    On 1/26/15, Tom Desmond wrote:
    > On 1/19/15, Brad wrote:
    >> For those of you who keep a close eye on the company you
    >> pay to do your SEO, you know exactly what I mean when I say
    >> backlinks are still (more or less) very important to
    >> getting first page rankings. I run a law firm in Utah.
    >> I am trying to build a nationwide list of ONE attorney or
    >> firm from each state who is willing to link to ONE attorney
    >> or firm from each other state.For example, Utah Divorce
    >> Attorney would be on your list of 50 other links and it
    >> would link to my website. If you are from say Colorado,
    >> Colorado Divorce Attorney would link to your website.
    >> Ultimately we could expand this into "State Guardianship
    >> Attorney" and more.
    >> This must be done with legitimate websites only. No money
    >> or information gets exchanged other than I post a link to
    >> your site, you post a link to my site. I don't want to link
    >> my site with another site that is using black hat SEO
    >> techniques. If you are interested in participating, let me
    >> know. Also, we need to limit it to one website per state
    >> per category. I don't want this to be just another online
    >> directory that gets deindexed after a few months or years.
    > Not a bad idea. Getting links from relevant law related sites
    > is a good way to build authority. Getting backlinks from law
    > related sites in your own state is even better, but here's the
    > catch. Some links are going to be more valuable than others,
    > so a simple link for links plan is not really all that fair.
    > For example, some law firm sites have a domain authority of 40
    > (pretty good) and some have a score of 22 (pretty low). Higher
    > authority ratings will send more link juice to the firm's
    > site. And, some firms will place a link in one of their blog
    > posts, which will start off as a page authority of 1. (PA:1).
    > Sorry to be a little harsh, but this is pretty useless.
    > A possible solution: make the trading even by checking page
    > authority with the MOZ plugin. Or trade links with law firms
    > that have a backlinking campaign in place to increase the PA
    > of the page with the new link.
    > Or, you yourself can start a link building campaign to build
    > the authority of the post that has your link in it. This will
    > also help your link partner.
    > Hope this helps.
    > Tom

    Hi Tom,

    Your backlink idea will definitely help you attain front page
    search engine status; keeping in mind the higher PR value the
    better. Keep also in mind, that for law firms, the days of
    generating high quality traffic from being on the front page of
    Google, etc..., and converting them into quality cases are over.
    But if you absolutely want/need to be on the front page of
    Google, don't pay more than $98 per highest competitive keyword
    phrase per month, and only after your digital agency shows you
    your monthly report verifying the same. An example would be "New
    York City Injury Lawyer".

    Internet marketing/branding/advertising is evolving at hyper
    speed. Law firms now have the opportunity to acquire quality
    cases instantaneously through micromanaged online media buys.
    Not PPC (too expensive), but actual laser targeted ideal leads
    that are right for your specific practice. The type of lead that
    targets the geo-demographic case type you ordered, and a lead
    that has been qualified and confirmed by asking all the intake
    questions from your own firm before it's sent to you live. Leads
    created only for you, with your name on it. Today, even prices
    have come down by approximately 25% across the board for any
    practice area. Oh, and lastly, always ask for a minimum 30%
    guarantee on lead-to-case conversion. Hope this was of help.


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