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    Re: Patent Paralegal

    Posted by CHEN CHIAULING on 3/28/18

    On 3/20/11, Eva wrote:
    > On 9/12/08, JBeach wrote:
    >> On 7/27/08, Beth wrote:
    >>> On 4/11/08, Claire Delaney wrote:
    >>>> Someone was assking about patent paralegal training.
    >>>> Just wanted to say I took the patent
    >>>> paralegal course and it was excellent.
    >>> I myself have not taken the class yet, but two women I met
    >>> at a large law firm took online classes at IPLegalEd and
    >>> said the class was very good.
    >> I've been a paralegal in criminal prosecution for
    >> 5 years and am interested in breaking into patent law. I do
    >> not have any experience and am unsure how to go about making
    >> this transition. The IPlegalEd class sounds interesting but
    >> expensive. I'm worried that I would pay the $2k and still
    >> have enough experience/qualification to be hired as a patent
    >> paralegal. Is the class worth it in this regard? Also, is
    >> necessary to possess a science background to be able break
    >> this field?
    > I know I'm late to this board, but I wanted to make my
    > contribution. I posted this in response to another question
    > this board:
    > Are you looking at doing IP Litigation or IP Prosecution? If
    > Litigation, no course is necessary. All that is required is a
    > knowledge of complex litigation. If prosecution, then the
    > IPLegalEd course will give you a heads up in IP prosecution.
    > The course is used by many large law firms. I'm currently
    > enrolled in the course and I have found a lot of data to be
    > inaccurate or out of date, but the important parts are up-to-
    > date. For example, the course may say a particular form is
    > necessary, but it is not. These errors are not a huge deal
    > since including a form that is not necessary will not
    > your patent, it will just waste your time.
    > However, this is the only complete course of its kind.
    > However, let me note that if you are interested in IP
    > Prosecution you will NOT be hired on as a paralegal. Because
    > of the complexity of IP Prosecution, you will need some
    > experience as a legal secretary before you will be capable of
    > being a paralegal. It doesn't matter how intelligent you are,
    > patent law has a 1 year learning curve.
    > I hope this is helpful.
    > Eva

    Thank you for sharing. it helps a lot!

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