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    Re: Welcome to the Patent Law Chatboard

    Posted by Kyle J Saniga on 9/03/06

    On 2/06/06, Bob Reap (webmaster) wrote:
    > Welcome to the Patent Law Chatboard. This chatboard is
    > dedicated to discussions about patents, patent law, and
    > patent attorney issues. Attorneys and legal professionals
    > are encouraged to bookmark this resource and contribute
    > often. Please tell a colleague about all of the free
    > attorney resources on Counsel.Net!

    I am inquiring about learning how to do patents. I have
    come up with multiple ideas and looked into submitting them
    and have the process questionable and lengthy.

    I am trying to find someone or business that can teach how
    to do patents, yourself!!!

    Please e-mail me if you know how or where I can go to do


    Ms. Kyle J Saniga

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