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    Post: Patent ownership question

    Posted by Ken on 4/07/07

    I have a virtual prototype in the works.

    I sent a nondisclosure and a drawing of my invention to a
    patent and marketing group. "By Fax."

    I paid for the patent search and it came back with all clear
    and ready to go.

    I paid for the provisional patent and for the virtual prototype.

    According to them, they won't pay my application fee to the
    patent office until the virtual website is complete. (( 4 to
    8 weeks. )) Because of the 12 month clock they want all
    possible time to find an interested party.

    I don't have a problem with their approach, let's just say I
    am paranoid:}

    (1.) My question is...........

    Let's say while I am waiting for the marketing company to
    complete the prototype that somehow someone comes up with
    the same or similar idea and files the patent application
    right away, yet my faxes and emails and patent search prove
    that I was involved with this idea /invention prior to their
    filing date.

    Do I have any legal recourse to prove I am the true inventor
    or will I lose all my money and my invention.

    Thank you very much.

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