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    Post: Patent Search Returned Bad News... Now What???

    Posted by Kevin on 3/07/11

    Hello all, I'm a total newbie, so please excuse my

    Here's my deal: I paid a lawyer nearly 10 years ago for a
    patent search on an invention of mine. He found a few
    patents similar to my idea, one in particular, and
    recommended I don't move forward with my application. Damn!
    Problem is, nothing remotely like it has yet to make it to
    market, and I really want to pursue it again. I have an
    actual need for this product, and am sure others would too.

    I also have new connections is the industry now and feel I
    could get the product placed and distributed
    internationally. I had a prototype machined in 2002 and
    used it successfully many times. I could be happily using
    this thing right now, as well as making a killing on it,
    but this bozo beat me to the punch....and has apparently
    done nothing with it since.

    So here are my questions: Can I make some changes to his
    design and file an improvement patent to move forward to
    collect my riches? Or is there anything I can do to get the
    patent from him if he's just sitting on it? Or can I sell
    "MY" idea to a manufacturer and sort the patent
    infringement stuff out later?

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated. -roark

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