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    Post: gross mortgage fraud, deciet, corruption, gross negligence

    Posted by Roberto Nagler on 7/08/11

    I have a current civil lawsuit that has not identified the
    below where i would like to bring an additional new
    complaint against several for i have eye witnesses and
    specific drop dead evidence that city and county officials
    have conspired fraud, harrassement, unlawful eviction,
    illegal deportation, several serious United Nations
    complaints where a complete violation of known human rights
    ammendments have taken place and in different ocassions and
    with different/seperate family memberships and indivuals
    where death has occured and has been reported, corruption,
    deceit, willful misconduct and gross negligence in the
    County of Los Angeles and City of Lynwood CA.

    Seeking interview for a highly probable settlement or
    award/judgement in contengcy civil case where a large
    leading N.A bank and several government agency managers,
    Mayor and Community Development emloyees have deceited and
    willfuly were bias, race angered, grudge holding, pre
    meditated fraud and gross negligence while employeed by
    Building Department and Planning and Zoning divisions,
    violated City code, rules, regulations and sections of
    boiler plate State and local laws including City Councel
    office vidictive and unprofeswsional acts upon community
    residence and homeowner and investment property owner of 25
    year supportive and reputable hispanic family of 7 and one
    white person, all of which can be key eye witness and
    provide immaculant testimony and deposition.

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