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    Re: civil litigation and smart meters and personal injury

    Posted by barb on 2/11/12

    On 8/07/11, socalwiredsolutionsm wrote:
    > In California there are a smattering of cases dealing with
    > personal injury, trespass and nuisance regarding
    > Electromagnetic fields and cell towers, as well as some
    > disability cases that are applicable.
    > There are medical journal articles on electrosensitivities
    > and experts like, Samuel Milham M.D. who recently wrote a
    > book called "DIRTY ELECTRICITY", also Daniel Harper M.D. in
    > Solana Beach is familiar with this physical illness and the
    > research supporting it. The world health organization is
    > not credible when it comes to this disease because it is
    > strongly influenced by the very industries that stand to
    > lose millions if this litigations takes hold. Not
    > withstanding that statement the World Health Organization
    > just deemed non ionizing radiation a class 2 carcinogen,
    > right along with DDT, exhaust and other toxic substances.

    More Plaintiff's lawyers should catch on that this is the
    asbestos of the future. Entire firms will be based on emf/rf
    and smart meter/grid litigation. Just watch

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