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    Post: Smart Meter

    Posted by Betsy Holzner on 1/02/12

    My husband and I are having extreme problems with our new
    smart meter. The electromagnetic field is coming into our
    back bedroom walls. My husband now has pnenomonia and we
    both have ringing in our ears. We have moved our bed into
    our living room.

    Yes, I did write a letter to the president of SCE about our
    concerns. Yes, I did contact and talk to the manufacture
    about the problem. Yes, both the president and the
    manufacture called people to fix the problem but they just
    put in a new smart meter that did nothing to stop the niose
    coming through our walls.

    We are concerned about our health and are considering
    moving out of our house until someone puts in an analog
    meter back onto our house.

    We also need a lawyer to help us with this problem. We
    have spent over $5,000 trying to figure out what was
    happening to our home and the monetary solutions to our
    problems keep mounting.

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