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    Post: Need attornet to represent me at trial in brain injury case

    Posted by Michael Robert Shuda on 4/19/12


    I am the plaintiff who requires representation at trial
    in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in about four weeks, in
    a brain injury case. I was hit by an automobile,which was
    driven by my uncle, in my driveway, while seated in a chair
    in my driveway. The collision caused me to to be thrown
    into a 200 degreee somersault, and I landed on my back and

    I suffer from the following:

    1.)a concussion. Even though I was unconscious for
    only 5 to 10 seconds, I am now diagnosed with ADHD by the
    Neurology Unit at the Drexel College of Medicine. (After
    this injury, a doctor concluded that the left occipital
    lobe had been injured on the basis of symptomology and nine
    hours of psychological testing). In addition to having
    difficulty focusing and being disorganized, I underwnt a
    personality change, in which I stopped pursuing becoming a
    registered pharmacist in Delaware--where I have resided
    since November of 2009. As a result, I have suffered lost
    income as a graduate intern/registered pharmacist for thirty
    (30) months.

    2.)exacerbation of a pre-existing low back injury, in
    which I have had three(3) low back surgeries, including
    posterior multilevel lumbar interbody fusion, L4--L5--S1,
    with Steffee plates and screws,and anterior fusion at L3--
    L4. (The latest cat-scan reveals moderate to severe
    stenosis of L-3 on L--4. I am scheduling a surgical
    consult with a neurosurgeon at the behest of my family care

    The file was prepared by a very competent lawyer, Mr.
    Marc Weinberg, of Saffren and Weinberg. Mr. Weinberg
    withdrew as counsel, because I was incarcerated at M.C.C.F.
    I was incarcerated there, because, when I went to the Clerk
    of Courts to set up a payment schedule for a D.U.I. charge
    (i.e., General Impairment--under the influence of the two
    drugs that wre prescribed by my surgeon at the Spine Center
    at Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. The police
    stopped me for going through a late yellow traffic light.
    At the time, I was experiencing vaso-vagal sympathy--from
    the pain I was experiencing, due to a pseudoarthrosis at
    the L3--L4 level. (this lesion, for which I was prescribed
    a back stimulator, was caused by a high velocity slip and
    fall injury at Ludington Library.
    (Incidentally, Mr. Weinberg had filed suit on my behalf,
    but I have not met the $100 K
    threshold in medical bills in order to recover damages).

    Presently, I will be restoring my Illinois Pharmacy
    License(by sending in proof of Completion on thirty(30)
    hours of continuing education, and payment of the
    fee). This will be required, in order to apply fo
    registration as a pharmacy intern in Delaware--since I need
    an additional 350 hours of internship experience, to be
    eligible for licensure in the State of Delaware. (I was
    graduated from the Temple School of Pharmacy,
    where I had made the Dean' List; I also have inactive
    chiropractic licenses in California and Iowa.)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Michael Robert Shuda

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