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    Post: Someone needs to file class action against Amtrak

    Posted by defense lawyer angry at Amtrak on 8/23/12

    Amtrak recently switched to e-tickets. Before e-tickets, if
    you missed a train, you simply went to the station and got
    a new ticket for the next train. With e-tickets, there is
    a magical new policy in which you must call ahead, but the
    ticket agents tell no one about this and it is not printed
    on the ticket. There is also a 10% fee refund fee if you
    don't call. Of course, they don't tell you this either. I
    had to buy a new ticket and of course I want a refund on my
    other ticket, for the train I missed. Amtrak says that I
    must pay a 10% cancellation fee. I've been on hold for an
    hour waiting to talk to a manager but I'm sure many people
    have just bitten the bullet and are paying the 10%. The
    customer service agents admit that "everyone is saying,'No
    one told me.'" Indeed. I believe that Amtrak's undisclosed
    policy about having to call to cancel and undisclosed 10%
    return fee is not legal and I hope one of you hits them
    with a huge class matter. I can't really switch sides at
    this point but please, somebody get them.

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