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    Re: werner s2210

    Posted by A.J on 11/08/12

    On 5/28/12, Andy Yates wrote:
    > Dec 2012 the bottom two hinges sheared leaving me hanging. I opted to drop before
    > the whole thing came down on top of me. My upper body bumping down the steps hurt
    > but I landed on my feet. If I had had anything in my hands I would have been one
    > of the ones hurt.
    > On 4/24/12, Paul Peel wrote:
    >> I just wanted to note a correction to TVB's post. Bill Audet (to my knowledge)
    >> has not filed a class action on the Werner S2208 and S2210 attic ladders. I
    > (and
    >> my co-counsel) have. In fact, the copy of the complaint on Audet's website is
    > the
    >> one we filed in WA federal court.
    >> If you have any questions, please give me a call: Paul Peel (901-849-0544).
    > Or
    >> you can email me at
    >> On 4/18/12, tvb wrote:
    >>> BTW, I just saw that a San Francisco law firm recently (this March)
    >>> filed a class action suit against Werner because of these S2208 and
    >>> S2210 defective ladders and Werner's attempts to conceal the problem.
    >>> Below is a link to the case/firm, if you want to get involved.
    >>> Good luck.
    >>> Ted
    >>> On 2/03/12, Dale Danner wrote:
    >>>> On 3/24/09, steph d. wrote:
    >>>>> We have the werner S2210. This weekend my husband, 195lbs, was going into
    >>>>> the attic when the left hinge snapped, sending my husband to the ground from
    >>>>> 6ft or so. He landed on his right heel, multiple fractures, crushed in the
    >>>>> center. Out of work for a minimum of 3 months, not sure if we will need
    >>>>> surgery, we are waiting for the swelling to go down to cast. Sure wish we
    >>>>> had kept that old wooden ladder!!
    >>>>> On 2/28/09, Randy W. wrote:
    >>>>>> On 2/20/09, Ginny Jones wrote:
    >>>>>>> On 1/03/09, Dirk Parker wrote:
    >>>>>>>> 01/03/2009,
    >>>>>>>> Just bought a 10 year old home. 1st time I used my S2210 Werner
    >>>>>>> ladder, the bottom right
    >>>>>>>> hinge broke. Dirk parker 503 435-9232
    >>>>>>>> On 11/30/08, B. Osborn wrote:
    >>>>>>>> My Werner Ladder s2210 just broke at the bottom two hinges sending me
    >>>>>>> flying. Looks like
    >>>>>>>> this isn't an isolated incident for this
    >>>>>>>> ladder. My house is only 3 years old and the ladder was installed
    >>>>>>>> new at that time.
    >>>>>>>> On 8/26/08, Consumer Rights wrote:
    >>>>>>>> Keep an eye on this site, if you have had a issue with
    >>>>>>>> your "Werner
    >>>>>>>> Ladder" .
    >>>>>>>> On 8/25/08, Benj wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 5/03/08, Rolly Merrill wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 2/20/08, George Rollins wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 2/11/08, Robert wrote:
    >>>>>>>> please call the consurmer protection hot line @
    >>>>>>>> 1800-638-2772 and report these problems to them so a
    >>>>>>>> recall
    >>>>>>>> can start
    >>>>>>>> On Feb.16,08 both Hinges on the bottom section of my Werner
    >>>>>>>> S2210 attic ladder sheared into causing me (the victim) to
    >>>>>>>> fall and break back.
    >>>>>>>> On April 30, 2008 my professionally installed Werner S2210
    >>>>>>>> ladder suddenly snapped on one leg at the bottom hinge. I'm
    >>>>>>>> lucky I wasn't killed.
    >>>>>>>> I have a S2210 and 3 of the 4 hinges broke. Thought I bought the
    >>>>>>>> best. Would like to see a recall.
    >>>>>> are there replacement hinges that are available? I have the S2208 and the
    >>>>>> bottom left hinge snapped this morning... but I dont see the hinge as a
    >>>>>> replacement part.
    >>>> Febuary 3,2012 My werner S2210 ladder broke both lower hinges while i was
    > half
    >>>> way up. (I am 220 l.b.) i was able to hold on to the top to keep from
    >>>> falling.seems theese hinges are of poor quality for this application. I am
    >>>> very disappointed in this product considering that I assumed I was purchasing
    >>>> a top of the line ladder from a reputable manufacturer. now to make matters
    >>>> worse I can not find replacement parts. Is this product so bad that Werner
    >>>> chooses to scrap the whole product? It leads me to believe that they are
    > aware
    >>>> of the problem but they've already taken my money TOO BAD for me.
    The same has happened to me the bottom right hidge broke almost fell on my daughter at
    the bottom when i hit the concrete floor. ugggg.

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