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    Re: Burns from a sunbeam heating pad

    Posted by Kathy peterson on 3/19/17

    On 10/04/11, Kristen Fulbright wrote:
    > 10/4/2011
    > My husband uses his heating pad every night on his low back.
    > Last night he set it on low for 2 hours and woke up this
    > morning to a very large burn mark on his back and red marks
    > all down his buttocks. He had to miss work today he was in so
    > much pain. Has anyone decided to go further with a class
    > action lawsuit?
    > On 6/10/11, Timi Headley wrote:
    >> On 10/06/10, Patrick thompson wrote:
    >>> Last night my wife received 2nd degree burns from a sunbeam
    >>> heating pad. I believe the automatic sut off didn't work.
    >>> The area burned was about 1" by 3" long. The skin was
    >>> peeling off the area burned when she woke up this morning.
    >>> Is there a product liability issue here.
    >> I need an answer to the same question. I'll explain! I went
    > to
    >> Walmart and bought a Sunbeam heating pad about a year or so
    >> ago. On L, which is the lowest setting, on the 2 hour shut
    >> off, it left a 1st degree burn on my back which I treated by
    >> myself.
    >> I also took that heating pad back and chose a new Sunbeam
    > and
    >> bought first aid supplies to treat the first burn!
    >> I set the 2nd heating pad on L with the two hour setting! I
    >> was burnt again on my back!!! I took THAT ONE back to
    >> Walmart!! The manager treated me terribly thinking I was
    >> faking it.
    >> So I got a refund because I had the receipt and I purchased
    >> more first aid supplies and bought a NEW heating pad from
    >> Walgreens but had to choose a Sunbeam again because that's
    > all
    >> THEY carried. When I returned home I called the manufacturer
    >> (Sunbeam)! All I asked for is that they refund my money for
    >> the new heating pad and first aid supplies for my back from
    >> the 2nd burn! All they said was that they were sorry for my
    >> injury. Take pictures of it and send copies of receipts with
    >> the pictures to them and they WOULD refund my money for them
    >> and the pad!!! I did those things and they DID refund all
    > the
    >> costs!
    >> Now common sense told me that if a company that large would
    > do
    >> all that for me then they obviously new that it was
    > happening!
    >> And I know that if this is the third heating pad that had
    >> burnt me this badly from Sunbeam that I can't be the only
    >> person being burnt by them!!!
    >> So, I was now on my 3rd Sunbeam heating pad and thinking
    > that
    >> I'd just been unlucky! I set it to L on the 2hour timer, yet
    >> again! I now have at least a 2nd degree burn on my hand. I
    >> woke yesterday to the heating pad still on!!! Which was
    >> dangerous in and of itself. But I have a HUGE 1 1/2 inch
    >> across circle burn blister which broke and beneath it are
    > even
    >> more deep burns with the meat of my hand being totally
    > COOKED
    >> even below the 2nd layer of blisters (beneath the first
    >> blister of the burn, I hope I've explained the injury
    >> clearly). I will absolutely have a huge scar on my hand if I
    >> can even get it to heal before it becomes infected! Right I
    >> am in so much pain and the pain has me so nauseous that I'm
    >> having to take phenergan to settle my stomach.
    >> I want to know WHAT THE HECK is going on with these Sunbeam
    >> heating pads. I had growing pains in my legs pretty badly
    > when
    >> I was a kid. I had a Sunbeam Heating Pad which my mother
    >> bought for me to treat the pain. She would wrap it around
    >> which ever leg had the active pain at the time and leave it
    > on
    >> it's lowest setting ALL NIGHT LONG and I wouldn't get burns
    >> from it!! What the heck is going on???!!! I know that last
    >> question is repetitive.
    >> I DID call a local attorney and she told me to Search the
    >> Internet under everything I can think of in relation to this
    >> happening! And she's given me two referrals to two HUGE
    > local
    >> law firms who are very successful with class actions suits
    >> against large companies such as Sunbeam!
    >> For me, it's not a matter of wanting to sue people. I am NOT
    > a
    >> sue happy person! But how many time and how many people need
    >> to be burned by these before we stand together and
    > say, "This
    >> is ENOUGH!!! Stop making these things until you can make
    > them
    >> work properly and stop injuring people!"

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