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    Re: Class action lawsuit against Prednisone

    Posted by Maryann DeGarmo on 5/12/16

    On 5/17/11, debbie okane wrote:
    > On 3/02/11, Jose Fronda wrote:
    >> my brother was prescribed prednisone from June 2003 thru
    >> Nov 2006 for infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD,
    >> asthma. He'd developed various harmful effects : fluid
    >> retention, increased blood sugar leading to diabetes
    >> (family have no diabetes history), increased succeptibility
    >> to infections, easy bruising, thinning of skin, imcreased
    >> blood pressure, ulcers and bleeding, glaucoma and cataract,
    >> osteoporosis, insomnia and depressed, psychogenic, adrenal
    >> suppression, blood chemistry problems.
    > On 5/17/11
    > I was put on prednisone for back pain developed hyperglycaemia, critical
    > sugars in ER
    > Now off work vision decreased, visual disturbances, extreme fatigue
    > Been told prednisone could have caused me to be diabetic, have had lots of
    > tests, more medical visits with specialists
    > Bloodwork is all normal, can't find any cause for diabetes, 42, 120lbs, healthy,
    > no hx diabetes
    > I'm furious, took a drug and now have severe medical problem
    > Prednisone states possible diabetes with long term use +6weeks, has anyone
    > else experienced this and if so what can be done.
    Maryann DeGarmo I was a full time nanny and after being on prednisone for a
    year I started limping and my dr ordered X-rays and finally am MRI after I went
    to stand up and couldn't sit or stand. The MRI revealed a fatty tissue growth that
    had grown on my sacral area and exploded and squashed all my nerves. My
    surgeon had to open me up and get all that growth removed and free my nerves
    .she said it was caused from the prednisone and get off it immediately. However
    it gave me a fractured hip. Tailbone, and my sacrel area of my lower back. I was
    told not to lift over 3 pounds. I can't sit very long and I can't be on my feet very
    long. I have had to be on pain meds ever since. I can't work and I am
    I'm able to pick up and hold my first grandbaby who just turned one . I can't get
    down on the floor to play with her. My doctor told me I can't work as a nanny
    anyymore ever. I am in constant pain my bones are destroyed I have
    osteoporosis. A doctor put me on prednisone to heal aspergillos fungus . She
    never told me about how it caused osteoporosis . Funny how after a year and I
    started limping she says oh we should get a bone density test because this
    prednisone weakens the bones. Too late now I find her at fault since she knew
    that for not bringing it up in the beginning and checking my bones sooner and
    not telling me about taking calcium and Vitamin d to protect my bones. I feel she
    knew it could harm me and didn't tell me until it was too late. I think she knew it
    was dangerous and I could have been taken off it sooner. All she said after the
    fact was sometimes the side effects are worse than what they were treating. I
    am devastated that my whole life has changed and I can barely walk with a
    walker baby steps while I am in rehab in the pool trying so hard to get my nerves
    to work and the muscles in my legs to work again. I don't want her to keep giving
    this drug to people like it is no big deal that it happened to me. I have to live in
    pain every day now. Shouldn't a doctor be held responsible for causing harm for
    a prescription they gave you that destroyed your life and they didn't warn you
    about how dangerous it was? No mention of it causing this growth it caused that
    it could give me Cauda enquina syndrome. No warning from her about how it
    was destroying my bones until she knew it had when I could hardly walk and
    limping finally decides then to do a bone density test . How about the pledge of
    do no harm to my patients? Maybe do a bone density test before you put me on
    something that you know is destroying my bones? How about putting me on
    vitamin d and calcium and monitoring my bones instead of destroying them. I
    had 3 fractures and had never even fallen when I went in for surgury my bones
    are worse than my 81 year old mother. I have never been sick or had a broken
    bone in my life.i thought it was ok to trust my doctor I have never been sick
    before. Please help me to get prednisone for destroying not only my life but not I
    have read so many stories of all the lives it has destroyed I'm not the only one
    by far and so it is hard for me to believe that they don't know how dangerous
    their drug is.

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